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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)is designed as per the MG University Syllabus. BBA at Rajagiri Viswajyothi College of Arts & Applied Sciences has its unique features comparing with the undergraduate management programmes conducted in various management schools. Here at Rajagiri the course delivery is made on the pattern of total learning by experimenting and case study methods. The students have the facilities to avail expert advice from people from industry like entrepreneurs, practicing managers, management consultants and eminent professors in management.
We ensure that commerce education from RajagiriViswajyothi College aims at developing prominent and skilled professionals in commerce. The learning environment at RVCAS bestows the students with confidence to handle the financial accounting operations. We Endorse skill based development of the student by promoting them for learning and achieving professional qualifications in CA, CWA, and CS. The major commerce education courses conducted at RajagiriViswajyothi College of Arts and Applied Science is B.Com in Finance & Taxation
Bachelor of Arts programme offered at Rajagiri Viswajyothi College is a combination of three mains; Journalism, Communication and English Literature. The programme provides a multiple perspective approach and the gives the students the best of all three subjects. The course provided a complete education with the student being able to specialize in any three of the subjects when choosing a post graduate programme. A wide range of opportunity awaits students after completing a three main in BA. Professional trainings within the syllabus that comes under the Mahatma Gandhi University prescribed syllabus assure quality education. BA (English Literature, journalism, Communication) is a professional course with a combination of practical and theory based learning along with hands on professional trainings of all three mains with internships each year.
In the corporate accounting universe, CMA is considered to be a very respected designation. It is pertinent as an advanced professional certification particularly designed to measure the critical accounting and financial management skills. CMA is not among those easier journeys, but our endeavour is to develop a Dantesque desire for knowledge beyond all bounds; an insatiable thirst for learning. As Lord Tennyson mentions in Ulysses, these are the times "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield".