Bachelor of Science in Psychology happens to be a three-year undergraduate course that makes an effective study about the human mind, its emotions, social development and also individuality. It also helps to understand more about mental illnesses, crisis management skills, reasons for human behavior and more. There is a certain amount of diversity in human experiences, and the course helps the students to understand more about it. Students come out of the course as empathetic individuals who can serve the society in a better way. The course also helps a person to understand himself or herself better while developing stronger bonds with others while living in a society. There are also a lot of opportunities to go abroad after finishing this course, as mental health has become a universal issue during these days in the busy lives. Psychology has now become the first choice for a larger number of students coming from many different streams in plus two. It also needs to be considered that after the corona virus pandemic and the resulting lockdown, mental health is given the highest importance, as more people are lost to depression and suicide than ever. At times, it can be said that someone who is excellent in the field is also a respected social worker.