Soft skills have become a necessity with the increase in the number of unemployed citizens. One’s marks and other certificates will count only as Hard skills. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Soft skills include Knowing Oneself, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Time Management, Leadership Skills, Positive Attitude, Good Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Team Management, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility or Adaptability, Etiquettes, Public Speaking, Planning, Coordination and Presentation Skills. It is the Soft skills like Self-confidence, presentation skills, etiquettes, positive thinking etc. that would lead a person to the pathway of success.  Such kind of skills are to be developed by itself, within oneself, but it can be done only with constant efforts being made.

Faculty-in-charge: Neenu Varghese (Commerce Dept)