Rajagiri Viswajyothi College supports its faculty to do Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Our faculty and students have finished or are going through a good number of such courses. These are the times when these online courses have become more significant than ever. They provide the option of studying a subject thoroughly without the restrictions of a traditional university. The courses are open to everyone at any part of the world, and one can simply follow the course at different speeds, taking as much time as it is required. A good student always require such courses to exhibit his or her passion for learning, and gain something special from each course.

The following is the list of MOOCs completed by our faculty.

Tennyson Thomas (Assistant Professor and HOD, English Dept)

  1. The Worlds of Historical Fiction – University of Virginia (Coursera)

:By Bruce Holsinger (coursera.org/verify/3K6FNMR2P27P), 2019.

  1. Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization – University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

:By David P Silverman (coursera.org/verify/5Z4NQFGGB6BZ), 2019.

  1. The Ancient Greeks – Wesleyan University (Coursera)

:By Andrew Szegedy-Maszak (coursera.org/verify/P9AWNAJ6AMZG), 2019.

  1. Wonders of Ancient Egypt – University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

:By David P Silverman (coursera.org/verify/26ZAFJF99PWM), 2019.

  1. Religion and Thought in Modern China – Chinese University of Hong Kong (Coursera)

:By John Lagerwey (coursera.org/verify/3EBW5KQZXF2C), 2019.

  1. Origins of the Mediterranean Civilization – Sapienza University of Rome (Coursera)

:By Lorenzo Nigro (coursera.org/verify/Y4XM5KA25DTA), 2019.

  1. The Holocaust: Ideology, Jews & the World – Tel Aviv University (Coursera)

:By Havi Dreifuss (coursera.org/verify/D39Y26QKPVVD), 2019.

  1. The Talmud: A Methodological Introduction – Northwestern University (Coursera)

:By Barry Scott Wimpfheimer (http://coursera.org/verify/8KCCYL823KUW), 2019.

  1. Civic Engagement in American Democracy – Duke University (Coursera)

:By Bruce W Jentleson (http://coursera.org/verify/9JES3M7298FF), 2019.

  1. Ancient Rome: Archaeology & History – Sapienza University of Rome (Coursera)

:By Paolo Carafa (http://coursera.org/verify/SP885V8XBPYE), 2019.

  1. The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem – Tel Aviv University (Coursera)

:By Oded Lipschits (http://coursera.org/verify/A2K7W5NWJU2E), 2019.

  1. Social Norms and Social Change – University of Pennsylvania & UNICEF (Coursera)

:By Cristina Bicchieri (http://coursera.org/verify/KV3UF9KUNY4M), 2019.

  1. The American South: Stories, Music & Art – University of North Carolina (Coursera)

:By William Ferris (http://coursera.org/verify/TMBGD8K89QBC), 2019.

Febi Abraham (Assistant Professor, English Dept)

        1. Shakespeare’s Othello, The Moor’ under Harvard University on Edx.

(Valid certificate ID : 899860321cd14b79abc60c3292650407)

        2. Feminism and Social Justice’ under the University of California on Coursera.