In resolving the grievances of students concerned with any member of the institute acting in te official capacity, Rajagiri Viswajyothi Management will ensure that the grievances of both the parties are heard properly and the grievances are supported by facts and evidences.

There are three stages or levels of Student Grievance Redressal:

Level I : Informal Resolution

Before initiating the official grievance redressal procedure, the student is expected to attempt to settle or resolve the grievance directly with the person(s) involved as early as possible. Every reasonable effort should be made to resolve the matter informally at this level. A satisfactory outcome might be achieved through this discussion. If not, the student can proceed to Level II of resolution.

Students uncertain about how to proceed with the grievance can consult with the Batch Coordnator in order to identify the appropriate person. The student should contact the concerned person within 5 working days of the occurrence of the grievance.

Level II: Formal Complaint

If student grievance is not resolved satisfactorily within 10 working days of communicating the grievance to the concerned person, students may lodge a written complaint to Grievance Redressal Cell regarding the grievance. The student should attach all the relevant information they have to support the complaint and the efforts done as per Level I of the procedure, to the officer.

Principal should meet the complainant and the concerned persons as he or she deem appropriate for gathering information and to resolve the matter. He shall submit a written decision to the Students Grievance Redressal Cell. Student Grievance Redressal Cell members are – Director, Principal and respective HoDs.

Level III: Decision by the Director and the Principal

Based on the facts and the supporting documents submitted by the student, the Director and the Principal shall take the final decision in consultation with the Student Grievance Redressal Cell. The decision by the Director and the Principal will be final.