The Department of Psychology, with its undergraduate programme aims to provide a foundation in scientific and professional knowledge. The focus is on understanding various aspects of behaviour and consistent encouragement is given to the overall and dynamic personality development of students through teaching essentials skills and values for life. The faculties are committed to help the students in discovering knowledge about mind, brain and behaviour, and helps students to engage in psychological research for gaining mastery in the field. The department focuses in nurturing students to become intellectually competent and promoting human development, learning, health and well-being through high quality education, research and services. Students and faculties give importance in cultivating professional ethics and practices which benefits the students to grow personally and professionally to bring changes in communities and being a guiding light to others through gaining counselling skills, therapies and knowledge about the subject to help people who are in need for mental help. The main mission of the department is to make students understand the importance of mental health, thus being a socially responsible citizen in a globalised world.



Outreach Program : Bodhi Walk

Workshop : CBT for Clinic & Home Success

Suicide Prevention Day Celebration

Suicide Prevention Awareness at Kochi Metro

Invited Lecture session by Psychologist

Mental Health Day Celebration