Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) was originally considered as a stepping stone before choosing MCA for PostGraduation, but the course has served much more than that particular purpose. There are many fields that one can choose after the course including Software Developer, Data Analyst, Network Administrator etc, but it is not limited to these as such expertise is required in finance, trading, education, transportation, communication and almost everything. In this world which is run through computers, there is always a need for more experts in computer. With artificial intelligence reaching new heights, the requirements for experts in other fields might decrease, but it is not so with computer. A programmer will always have a special place in the industry, and with some good scores, such a person is guaranteed a job that he or she can cherish. There are also so many paid Internships at Top IT companies available, as the doors always remain open for them. The course has revitalized itself like never before after the corona virus pandemic and the resulting lock down. The course might be common to many colleges, but there is nothing like a smart training in RVCAS. Then there are the opportunities abroad which keeps everyone interested.



Add On Course Inauguration

Industrial Visit to SPECTRUM , Cochin

Seminar On Software Quality Assurance

Coding Club Inauguration &  Hackers Day Celebration

Industrial Visit to Cyber Park